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Inertia: The Art of Motion | EDDiE COLE

“An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outward force”. 


Set your course and let nothing move you. Take the unexpected blows of life with grace. Be water. 

“Everything that ever was and ever will be has always been alive inside of you. Time is an illusion; you are a magician. Be Love and be loved”.

Right There (Single)  | EDDiE COLE

Haunted by love; chased by your memories...this most recent single by EDDiE COLE is about the one that won’t let you go. 


Classic R&B meets youthful transparency in this 2005 release. VENT’age is the second full length project of EDDiE COLE's discography. It encapsulates the glory days of Neo Soul while spelling out those thoughts you’ve always wanted to turn into words. Nostalgia at its highest... this is VENT’age.

Godspeed | EDDiE COLE

A funky, soulful and introspective journey of sound and self realization. Time is fleeting, but when you discover your power to create your reality, the clock seems to somehow start working in your favor. As you go within and begin your time traveling, let this be the soundtrack to your adventure. Godspeed...


From the creative vault of the band called Z {formerly Mulatto}. The Long Beach band of forward thinkers presents a masterclass in musical space travel. This cosmic voyage is a high energy ride to the center of the universe. #iBelieveinZ

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