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The Story

Coming from a long line of musical talent, EDDiE has inherited his velvety voice from his great-uncle Nat King Cole, his father Edward Cole and his mother; opera singer Laura Cole.

In keeping with family tradition, EDDiE learned how to rock multiple instruments, but his heart lead him to the drums, and now, much like his father who was Musical Director for Natalie Cole, he is touring the world as Co-Musical Director and drummer for the legendary Nas.

EDDiE has made a name for himself in the industry, making waves with his untouchable voice and his ability to command an audience, no matter the size, be it 20,000 people or just 20. Multiple self produced full length albums, 20+ years of stage and studio experience and a bloodline of greatness have placed EDDiE COLE in the ranks of today's hottest industry talents, and the pursuit of fulfilling his legacy will never be satisfied.




Currently Seeking Representation



Currently Seeking Representation




Kristina Ferris


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