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Inertia: The Art of Motion / EDDiE COLE

EDDiE COLE's most recent full length public release is nearing it's 4 year anniversary but it will always be his most personally important project of all time. This album will take you on a journey! Both sonically and lyrically. 


In the midst of a busy international tour with Mapei and a run on Broadway with the Illusionist, EDDiE wrote, composed, mixed, and produced INERTiA: THE ART OF MOTION, an impressive triple disc magnum opus. 


Working closely with his fellow artists is a passion for EDDiE COLE. This album hears Nick DePinna create string arrangements that ebb and flow throughout the album and are experienced best in LiTE YEARS. His love for involving live instrumentation with help from his good friends brought a powerhouse team of musicians together to include Tom Terrell (Chef), Andy Meixner, Luke Aiono, Daryl Duncan (Monk), Emile Martinez, Vicky Nguyen, Colin Devane, Owen Clapp, and Hitomi Oba. Neil Belen (4000) and Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi of Knower can be heard creating major vibes on INTUITiON, a twinkly message of deep trust.

You can also hear the legendary DJ Green Lantern on
OMW, a fly on the wall view of EDDiE's nomadic lifestyle. With heavy arena vibes driven by an upbeat sample from The White Stripes, this song is guaranteed to get your body moving!


Inertia culminates on a continuous journey set forth by EDDiE COLE to maintain his path.

An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outward force."


By releasing the Instrumentals and Acapellas he calls forth action and asks,


"So what the hell are you waiting for? You know you want more, so do something about it."

Finally he reminds us that


"Everything that ever was and everything that ever will be has always been alive inside of you. Time is an illusion. You are a magician. Be LOVE, and be Loved."


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